I’m so glad you’re here! Thank you for your interest in a lifestyle photography session with me. Let me explain a little more how my sessions go. I will go over location ideas, outfit choices, and even how to get the kids (and dad) ready for your upcoming session. I also suggest reading through my FAQ's. If you’re ready to book your session, go fill out my form HERE so we can get you started with the booking process. If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to reach out. I love to help!



To book a session with me go HERE to fill out the booking form or head on over to my CONTACT PAGE where I can gather some more information from you. Once I receive your inquiry I will contact you with dates available for you session and payment information. My lifestyle session fees are $300 with half due upon booking. Click HERE to learn more about my all-inclusive pricing.

What's next

Family photos are so important. Children grow so quickly, newborns become toddlers, kids become teenagers, and parents don't get into pictures enough with such busy lifestyles. It is my goal to give every family beautiful lasting memories through these photos. To help me do this I like to send out a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your family better. Please take your time with this questionnaire and give me your best insight into your family. This will help me customize your session specifically to you.

Choosing a location

Your session can take place either at a location of your choice or in your home (lifestyle newborn sessions are done in-home only). Being in beautiful Colorado there are so many outdoor location choices that it can be somewhat overwhelming when choosing. I have a few handpicked spots with mountains, red rocks, water, fields, or urban settings. However, if you have a specific spot in mind, maybe something special to your family, I want to know! I love to shoot when the sun is working best to my advantage. This means that outdoor sessions take place about an hour before sunset or an hour after sunrise (read: EARLY). I do not shoot location sessions at any other time of the day. By doing this you are guaranteed that gorgeous golden perfect light. 

Your house is always an ideal session location as long as there is adequate natural light. Choosing your home will give your images an intimacy that can not be replicated at any other location. I prefer to start in-home sessions in the late morning as it is when the kids are the most agreeable and is before lunch and nap times. I usually focus on just a few areas of your home (family room, kids' rooms, parents' room, and the backyard). Do not feel the need to scrub your house from top to bottom. The caveat being nightstands and beds. I love shooting families on the parents' or kid's beds.

What to wear

It might seem complicated to get everyone to look coordinated (notice how I say coordinate not match), but it really isn't at all. You most likely have great pieces already in your closet that could work together! If you're looking to purchase new clothes, my favorite is Old Navy, as they are affordable, coordinate well from baby sizes to adult sizes and have timeless pieces that photograph well. Steer clear of these few things and you should be perfect: large logos, fluorescent colors, and matching outfits.

Starting with mom and then working out from there is always a good strategy. Personally, I love a long beautiful flowy dresses on moms. Another good starting point is to just pick one item you love, whether it's an accessory or a favorite outfit you like on your kid, and pull your colors and textures from that starter piece. 

I'm happy to look at any photos of what you're thinking if you need some extra guidance. I'm always here to help!

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind.

1. Be fashionable while still making comfort a priority, especially for the children. Comfort allows for play and play allows for great images. We'll be moving around a lot during your session and when you're uncomfortable it can translate badly on your photos.

2. Choose your palette. Think earth tones, blue tones, neutrals, etc. I suggest picking a color palette with 3 or 4 complimenting colors and then incorporating those colors throughout the outfits in varying patterns, solids, and layers. Avoid matchy-matchy, black, and bright/neon hues. Soft muted colors photograph the best and are my fave! You could also choose complimentary colors or colors that contrast from your location (ex: where blues when shooting at the red rocks, wear darker colors when in a golden field). 

3. Patterns. I love patterns, but beware of really busy patterns and too much. Florals are my favorite.

5. Textures, Layers, and Accessories. Layers and accessories add texture and texture adds interest. Think denim, chunky knits, lace, cords, headbands, suspenders, blankets, scarves, etc. 

5. Don't forget about shoes. Shoes are just as important as the outfits. Sneakers may not be the best choice. Opt for a nice slip on, a cute scrappy sandal, or boots.

4. Dress babies like babies. Collared shirts and ties tend to look uncomfortable on anyone under 6 months.

5. Think timeless. Choose outfits that will age well with the photos. Think of family portraits from the 80's if you need help on what not to wear.

Before your session

A week or so before your session date I suggest you start talking to your children about me and the session. Tell them "we're going on adventure" or "we're going to play while your friend Cat takes some pictures". Let dad know that all he has to do is relax and have fun loving on his wife and kids. Getting your pictures taken shouldn't be stressful. I'll guide you through the entire session and am here to take the pressure off. If you have any questions leading up to your session don't hesitate to ask. You can email me, text, or send a facebook message.

During your session

The day of your session is here! Remember to just have fun with you family, enjoy it! We've picked out the perfect location, and your wardrobe is ready to go. You've spent weeks preparing, and it's finally here!

My main focus is to capture moments not poses. We will, however, start by getting that perfectly posed photo. After we get the poses out of the way and then move on the the good stuff. Getting your pictures taken shouldn't be stressful. I'll guide you through the entire session. My goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. I like my sessions to be easy going, fun, and full of love. There will be lots of playing around and lots of hugs and kisses. Not everyone has to be looking at the camera at the same time. It's all about feeling the connection between people in the photos.

Have fun! This really is the most important part of the session. A little fun and laughter really let your personalities shine and make for some awesome photos. If someone just isn't having it, relax and love on your family. This time is about you and what makes your family special.

Kiddos. I like to let little kids play and be themselves. Making them look and "say cheese" to the camera really doesn't capture their natural smiles and giggles. Instead, play with them and show me how you interact at home and in real life -dance around, be goofy, tickle, toss them in the air, or kiss them relentlessly. This interaction will coax those smiles out naturally and will make for the best photos. Also, if you kids are nervous or acting a little wild, that's totally ok! It is just their true personalities shining through and I want to embrace that.

After your session

Once I get home from a session I immediately load your images onto my computer and back them up so they are safe. On top of that I do not delete your images off of my memory card until they have been edited and I know they have been sent to you. I will then send you your personal online gallery within four weeks where you can download digitals and order prints and other products. Please note that I cannot guarantee color correctness if prints are ordered outside my professional lab through your gallery.